San Diego

This weekend I visited my sister and her husband in San Diego.  We went to the beach, drank tea at Pannikin, and watched Mirrormask.  As we drove by the cute beach houses in [insert city name (aka:I-forgot-it)], I realized why people love living by the sea.  The community’s character is friendly and easygoing.  Since many people are on foot or riding bicycles, there is a greater sense of community than one finds in suburbia.  In Pannikin, an employee chatted amiably with a customer.  Soon, another called out “hi mom!” to a silvery haired lady in the line.  It was refreshing. 

The little stretch of bungalows and shops inspired me.  I wish I could live there—write, people watch, swim, then write again till sundown.  If I kept a regular day job in addition to writing, which is a realistic concern for this… daydream… hmm.  Daydreams don’t need day jobs!  Ha! 

Chuck reality for a moment. 

I would write all morning, have a nice lunch with my husband, and spend a couple hours cleaning and baking.  It’s okay to clean in daydreams, because I like a clear writing space and a clean kitchen.  Then I could take our standard poodle for a walk, build sand castles and write some more.  Then it would be time for dinner and a movie at home with friends. 

Wow, where was I going with this?  Oh yes.  I like San Diego and now I know why beachfront property is so expensive.


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