Summer Reading 2/7

Stardust by Niel Gaiman

I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, so I decided to read the book.  It isn’t a favorite, but I will probably read it again.  It was surprising that a fairytale adventure could so ‘adult.’  I was both shocked and amused when Yvaine fell from the sky, broke her leg, and let out an f-bomb.  Who knew that stars cursed? 

I enjoyed the book’s ending much more than the movie’s.  Instead of a dramatic Hollywood face-off, Gaiman settles conflict quietly.  I liked how he dealt with the villain—it was very satisfying. 

Tristan Thorn’s daydreams were strange, guilty fantasies, muddled and odd, of journeys through forests to rescue princesses from palaces, dreams of knights and trolls and mermaids.  And when these moods came upon him, he would slip out of the house, and lie upon the grass, and stare up at the stars.

(Niel Gaiman also wrote Coraline and the screenplay for Mirrormask)


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