Summer Reading 7/7

Nausicaa Volumes One and Two, a manga by Hayao Miyazaki

This summer I reread the first volume and bought the second. Often I avoid buying manga—some stories sprawl over hundreds of volumes, and at ten dollars each it gets expensive. Thankfully, Nausicaa has only seven.

Miyazaki likes to wrap his stories around the balance of nature, pacifism, and feminism, all of which are found in Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke. Some people dislike his ‘agenda,’ but I don’t think he is preachy. He simply tells a good story, allowing his cherished themes to weave through its heart.

I love the medium of manga—in middle school I accidentally drew anime before I even realized that it was okay to like anime. Whenever I flip through an American graphic novel, the face lines bother me. They are so heavy that the characters seem aged instead of emotional. Manga is simple and expressive—it seems like the characters freeze as I open the page.

Below is my freehand sketch of 55.5 Vol. 1 —


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