The Teachable Teacher

Last semester I became a writer. Now I am a teacher. Technically I am a professor’s assistant, but since I am instructing the students twice a week, I am a teacher. In the past, I always said no when people asked me if teaching was a favored career option. But when the opportunity came my way this summer, I took a deep breath and said yes.

Every class, I learn something new about myself and about the students. Since I am a student just like them, dynamics are different. I understand their exhaustion and stress. But now I understand the other side of things. I know the joy of an active classroom, and the discouragement of disgruntled students.

Maybe someday I will actually teach, if God leads me to that career. This job also opens up the option of teaching English in Japan, which would be a fascinating experience.

The art of writing is very dear to me. Even if it isn’t dear to them, I want them to see literature as a valuable aspect of culture, and to see writing as more than a ‘necessary evil.’


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