50,000 Word Challenge

On January 15th, I challenged myself to write 50k words by my birthday. Since then, I have written about 8,500. So I’m about one fifth of the way, with four and a half months left.

I decided to write 50k, because it is a substantial chunk of a novel and is decently achievable. I’m excited and intimidated, but it’s about time I set a tangible goal for myself.

Since I set this challenge, I have fluctuated between confidence and doubt. Sometimes I feel like a mediocre hack desperately trying to feel good about myself. “Look, look!  I wrote a bajillion crappy words today!!  Aren’t you so proud?” Or I fear that I won’t even get close to 50,000, because soon I’ll be very busy with school and work. But doubt gives way to confidence. I set my insecurity aside and plow ahead. I need to ignore that tugging desire to edit and re-edit everything that I write. I’ll edit it this summer. For now, I need to get to know my characters better. I’m excited to see them grow.



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