Challenge Update: February Edition

January: 9,000 words
Words left: 41,000

February Goal: 10,000
Current February Count: 2,600

I’m keeping thorough track of the numbers so that I meet monthly goals, but I’m consciously writing without serving the numbers. In high school I sometimes padded papers with superfluous words just to reach the word count. I have grown out of that, thankfully. As I write my story, I follow the unfolding narrative. Some directional decisions come from me, but some come from my characters.

Through my writing challenge, I think I’ll learn what it really means to be dedicated to my craft. Even when I’m busy, I find some time to finish a scene, or fill in some description. I wrote sporadically last Friday and was surprised to have written 1000 words over the course of the day. My daily goal is 350. It’s safe to say at this point that I’m on track. The story is progressing. And I’m not looking back.


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