Engagement Story for Journalism

My journalism class is asking me to blog about certain topics, and I feel odd about using my blog for writing assignments.  It reminds me of when my favorite blogger started including advertisements into her blog posts.  It felt fake, and she knew it.  What made it okay was that she acknowledged that fact.  So, rather than pretending that all of the posts I write this semester are of my own volition, I am going to let you know when I’m writing for my professor.  I’m glad that she is having us write on our blogs, because I have been so spotty in my posts, but it still feels a little odd. 

Today, I am to write about something humorous or dramatic that has happened in the past five years.  I suppose I could tell you about how I got engaged.  I have told that story many times over the past month and a half, but I could tell it again if you really begged. 

Are you begging?

Then I suppose I’ll tell the story just one more time.  

I prefer to think of my engagement as a humorous event, rather than a dramatic one, because I was so obtuse.  It was the day before Christmas Eve, and Juan suggested that we go pick up some last minute Christmas presents.  After shopping around a bit, he casually suggested that we go to San Diego.  We had been wanting to go for a while, but just hadn’t made the time yet.  He threw in at the end, “We could stop at a TJ Max on the way.” 

We did not stop at a TJ Max.  I didn’t really expect to, anyway.  I didn’t have any expectations for the day, since I was just happy that we were going on a random road trip.  As we got started, he suggested sushi for lunch, then ice cream at an ocean lookout, then tide pools at La Jolla, then a stroll on Coronado Island. 

I suggested a trip to look at engagement rings and a short drive to see my sister, but he didn’t encourage either of these suggestions.  Perplexed, I let the subject drop.  Since Juan didn’t have any set plans for the day, it didn’t make much sense that he wouldn’t make time for my suggestions.  I shrugged it off. 

Looking back on it all, I have realized that the way I read mystery novels transfers into the way I live life.  I don’t want to find out who-dunnit; I’d rather be surprised.  I didn’t read into anything; I took everything for face value.  Juan took me on a surprise date.  I thought, “Yay, a surprise date!”  Juan took me for a walk, on the beach, nearing sunset.  I thought, “Yay, a walk on the beach nearing sunset!”  Juan kissed me.  I didn’t think anything at all, I just kissed him back.

The sand was clean and the sky was dazzling.  We chatted and joked as we strolled along.  When Juan asked, “You’re going to get me on one knee one of these days, huh?”  I laughed and said “of course.”  There was a strange grin on his face, but all I thought was, “Yay, I’m going to marry him one of these days!”

Just like that, He got down on one knee.  I suppose that this is the dramatic part of the story.  I was shocked.  He pulled out a little black box, and asked if I would marry him. 

There are many different reactions to engagement.  Some women call their closest friends, some cry, and some post pictures of the ring on facebook. 

I giggled.  


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