Someone I Admire

For journalism, I have been asked to post about someone I admire, or someone who has influenced me.

I could write about strong influences, the types that sift into my subconscious, and stay with me throughout the years. I could relate the love of my Aunt, the patience and devotion of my core-group leader, or the encouragement of my parents. When we started dating, my fiance made it onto that list as well, as he challenged me to be a better person. The elders at my church could easily be mentioned, because of their dedicated service and continual edification of the church body. And then I could add my high school and college friends—listing them all would take too much time.

As I consider the people I admire or who have influenced me, I realize how blessed I am. 

Since I grew up reading a lot, I could even explore fictional worlds, where my favorite authors reinforced lessons of courage and integrity. Sara Crewe endures hardship with the grace of a true princess. Sam Gamgee’s loyalty presses the quest one step further. 

My question is, how could I choose just one?


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