Writing Challenge Revived: Rereading the Draft

Remember my writing challenge last year? My goal was 50,000 words, but after reaching 20,000 I gave up so I could pass my Junior spring classes. Well, last week I finished my last undergrad final and plopped on the couch at home with nothing to do. I was too tired to start packing my stuff, so I opened the files for my story and started reading:

Ten pages: “Huh, this is better than I thought.” 
Twenty pages: “Need to build more tension…”
Thirty pages: “Flat characterization—could improve it though.”
Forty, Fifty, Sixty: “Rough writing, but oh my goodness, I have a story here!”

I enjoyed reviewing my story, and I forced myself to keep reading without editing. That way I could feel the flow of the plot, rather than getting stuck in the slough of detail work. 

Even though I want to go back and edit, I think that I’ll hold back for a while. I really enjoy editing, but I know that writing raw material is difficult for me. So plowing onward is best for now. Otherwise, I’ll never get past this point in the plot.

Note to self: Get the skeleton of the entire plot, and then edit over and over until it shines like the diamonds in my engagement ring. Onward! No turning back!


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