NaNo Update…and Tea

I asked a couple of my students if they wanted to get involved with NaNoWriMo, and three of them said yes! Though their goal will not be 50,000 words, they definitely want to spend focused time on their writing. Even my goal will not be 50,000 words; I’m already drowning in the piles of ungraded papers. 

Despite being busy, I’m quite excited. Yesterday I wrote a new synopsis of my story to regain focus and direction, and I’ll be reviewing and outlining my story until November comes upon us.

My current goal?

  • 500 words a day 
  • Less than 1/3 of the NaNo goal. I’ve formed a habit of overwhelming myself with too many responsibilities, so I’d like to avoid killing myself over this.
  • Also, I’m a slow writer. Partially because I get caught up in the details, and partially because I am still learning the art of storytelling. I enjoy editing because it comes very naturally, but churning out loads of raw material is more difficult for me.

My students’ goals?

  • One student suggested 100 words a day. 
  • We’ll see what the others say. As their teacher, I don’t want to push them so far with their creative work that their homework suffers. So I’d like them to find a good balance that works well with their other commitments.

Featured Tea of the Morning: Earl Grey with Baileys. Nice way to kickstart a begrudgingly productive day.


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