NaNo Early Bird: 900 Words

Last night, my husband went to bed at 8:00 with a fever. Since I couldn’t do anything for him but let him sleep, I settled in the kitchen with my computer after cleaning up the dishes (I live an exciting life). I browsed tumblr and facebook. My face relaxed into an blank stare; the screen’s glow flickered over my face. After reading a little manga, I felt the pang of guilt.

I swept my laziness away, exited the browser, and pulled up my story synopsis.

Smack dab in the middle of the document, I shoved the paragraphs apart with the space bar and began to write. Typa-typa-typa-backspace-typa-typa-typtyptypa-pa-pa… The wind blew outside, and the kitchen filled with the sound of my fingers on the keys. I wrote 900 words and sat back in the chair, satisfied with the night’s work.

Is it cheating to start early? Since I’m not even attempting 50,000 words this year, technically I’m not even in the runnings. 


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