The Ideal Writer’s Space

I want to write; I need to write. But what’s holding me back? 

It’s easy to find excuses that postpone the grunt work. Some are genuine, and some are not. My current excuse is this: I haven’t been able to find a comfortable place to write. And why? Because everything in my house is a reminder of the grading, lesson prepping, laundry, and dishes that I need to do. And whenever I do sit down with pen and paper, I suddenly feel guilty. Since I’m not doing all those other things, I must be wasting my time. 


Nope!  Other responsibilities, however important, shouldn’t guilt me into giving up. To help this, I need to create a space designated for writing. I would describe the ideal writer’s space as:

  • A psychologically restful environment that frees the imagination by removing external distractions and responsibilities for a time. 

I’m still working on mine by clearing junk off the study floor and finally putting some pictures up on the walls. Making it more homey and personalized. What’s yours like?


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