First Lines

I love looking at the first sentences of books, just to see how the author catches the reader’s attention and makes them curious to read more.

While thinking about that this morning, I considered my own first sentence. I’ve never posted any of my personal writing on this blog, because I’d rather have it go public when it’s published. But once sentence couldn’t hurt, right?

The kitchen tile sent shivers through Anadora’s socks.

I suppose it’ll have to do 😉 Want to share your first line? Or even a favorite first line from an already published text?

Inspiration Journal

In December, my friend gave me a surprise Christmas present: a leather bound journal. I immediately adopted it into my writing schemes, and it became my inspiration journal.


So what do I write in it? Sometimes I think of sentences that strike my fancy. Or I’ll see something that provokes a response—something that must have a story behind it somewhere. Anything with story potential, however small, gets tucked away into this journal.


The question is: do I use these random jottings? Not yet, but I know that someday some of them will start connecting into a story. See my original post about inspirations here: “Inspirational Dreams?”

How do you organize your thoughts? What inspires you?

Inspirational Dreams?

I don’t normally take much stock in my dreams—they’re just a weird resurfacing of the subconscious. Something to laugh at in the morning as I tell Hubby about it.

Last night’s dream was different than usual. It held the contents of a complete novel, and I have a clear picture of both the protagonist and the antagonist. Really, I have a clear picture—I drew my protagonist in my inspiration journal, and gave a description of her clothes, character, and conflict that drives the plot forward. 

During the dream, I remember scoffing at this character, saying “You’re such a wannabe Audrey Hepburn.” But even though I thought she was being pretentious, I started to respect and care about her more as the dream went on. 

Weird, right? Do any of you have dreams like this?