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After a whole year of writing articles about pretty houses, I finally took some of my own medicine and actually DID one of the tips that I tell people to do: I spray painted two grungy brass lamps for a clean, … Continue reading

StoryForge Web Comic Launch!

To the utter glee of my local writing community, StoryForge Productions just launched their webcomic House on Writer’s Block,” and I’d like to invite you to read and enjoy it as well! Each day this week will bring you a page deeper into the Skelter:

Between the borders of Civilization and the Faery, lies the old, abandoned Writer’s Block. If you take the third dead end to the right, you’ll find the Skelter and its eclectic inhabitants. This is their story. Except, it isn’t, really.

See StoryForge’s Facebook Page to get involved in this fantastic storyteller’s community.

Just a hint to my followers—you’re going to hear more about StoryForge pretty soon, because they’re awesome. And very dedicated to the art of storytelling.

Yoon’s Shelf: Books on Writing

I would highly recommend any of these books to aspiring writers. Out of them all, O’Connor’s editors get the prize for the most interesting title, and King wins for being the one who influenced me most. 

What books have inspired you?


Recently I’ve been following my own advice on how to research for your novel with textbooks, interviews, and documentaries. All of you NaNoWriMo lovelies should probably check it out, since you’re scurrying to prep all of your material! Right now, I’m reading The Odyssey for the first time since freshman year of high school and (no surprise) it’s a lot better than I remembered.

What are you researching? How’s it coming?

Complete: September 15k!

I finished my September goal of 15k! My story is at about 55k, and progressing really well. I can feel my characters growing and deepening with each page.

However much I’d like to celebrate reaching that small milestone, I need to press onto the next 15k for October and 10k for November. Sounds strong and stoic, right? Well, honestly, I have a headache right now. So I’ll press bravely onward tomorrow morning 😉

Cheers, y’all.

All you writerly and publishing friends, how are your projects coming?