Getting magazines with my own articles inside never gets old!

Not to brag or anything—It’s just a nice confidence boost 🙂

I just got the Feb 2014 Romantic Homes in the mail. It’s like getting Christmas presents throughout the year. The magazines surprise me by just appearing on my doorstep a few months after I’ve written the articles.

Yet another reason to start building your writing career through freelance writing 😉


Here’s my latest article for StoryForge! (Connect with them on Facebook for updates on articles, inspiration, and their fantastic webcomic.)

Over the past year and a half, I have written articles for a group of interior decor magazines and picked up other gigs along the way. And I love it, partially because am paid to write, and partially because I learn so much in the process!

What has your freelance experience been like?

How Freelancing will Improve you Writing Career