Thank you for replying to my post I’m comforted by the fact that it was answered by an experienced, older woman since I’m still in high school. Would I be able to get any insight as to how to generate interest for my writing? How do you stay inspired? Thank you!

I’m glad that I could help! Being called an “older woman” makes me laugh—definitely haven’t gotten that one before 😉

Since you’re in HS, I wouldn’t worry too much about generating a platform yet, but in general people like it when you’re invested in growing alongside them rather than just showcasing your work. For now, learn as much as you can about writing, read a lot, and write a lot! Lots of books and blogs on the craft are out there for you to explore. 

I have an inspiration journal that I keep snippets of story ideas, and I have grown more and more fascinated with the complexity of people’s lives. It’s fun to tease out life’s quirks and see where they can take you. 

I hope all of that helps 🙂 Keep an eye on the White Honeysuckle or StoryForge for inspiration and tips!


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