The Freelancer’s Polar Bear Club: Diving in Headfirst


Ripped mercilessly off their shelves, books congregate by color. Homesickness sets in as they wait for their turn with the  camera.

Last week when the hubby came home from work, a mess of books sprawled across the dining table. He asked; I explained:

When I quit my semi-traditional salaried job last month, I decided to dive headfirst into freelancing. I bought a domain. I shot pictures for the website’s headers–discovering that that green books have too many tones to match well, but blue and red are nicely uniform. Superfluities aside, I’m excited to launch a new phase of my writing life.

Life changes completely when you freelance. As the paradox goes, your time is entirely your own, yet not at all. Discipline and scheduling become a much higher priority, because no one is looking over your shoulder. I had to rethink my tactics for time management. By now I have a pie-chart schedule that mimics a clock’s journey from 6am until 6pm, mapping out each chunk of work. My mom thinks that it looks a little crazy, but the visual approach is working for me so far. Some days are better than others–each with their own ups and downs–but I am so thankful for the numerous blogs and organizations that offer advice and support to freelancers.


The books cringe as the crazy woman with the camera makes another pass. They play dead, hoping that she’ll leave them alone.

 My blog The White Honeysuckle is nearing its fourth anniversary, but now that I’m entering a new stage, I’m looking forward to revamping and refocusing its content. I love helping fellow writers and creatives achieve their goals, whether they just want to learn how to tell a story or launch themselves to the best seller list. Whatever your aspirations, I want to help. So please let me know if you have any questions about me, writing or  publishing. I’ll be very happy to dialogue with you!

Will you join me in the writing journey? 

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