From the Forge: “Interview with Artist Allison Oh”

I’m writing at StoryForge Productions for today! Here’s a snippet: Rabbit copy

Allison Oh is a multifaceted artist, whose interest in all mediums has drawn her into the StoryForge team. Her inspiring work pushes the boundaries of creative expression and paves the way for her fellow storytellers. Find @AllisonAerie on Twitter, or see her Tumblr and Pinterest for more!

 What launched your artistic journey and how have you grown from then until now?

My mom would joke that my artistic journey was launched during my 100-day ceremony. It’s a Korean tradition that on the 100th day after your baby is born, you dress her up and sit her in front of a table full of symbolic items that predict what your child will do with her life. I apparently went straight for the color pencils and have been crafting and creating in a multitude of mediums ever since… (Read more at StoryForge Productions)

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