Lifetime Milestone #5: COMPLETE!

DSC00650After 7 years, my novel’s first draft is complete! All 88,000 words and 147 single-spaced pages sit on my dining table, undeniable proof that my hard work has paid off.

Having a printed manuscript feels like the final confirmation that I am, indeed, a writer. At every family party for the past seven years, I’ve had to tell my cousins and aunts, “I’m still working on the novel. Um, yeah, the same one.” But now if they ask about it, I can tell them that it’s complete, and ready to enter the editing stage!

DSC00654If you’ve read my blog over the years, you’re quite aware of my ambitiously proposed–and subsequently failed–goals. Even though I wasn’t great at meeting word counts, the learning process was irreplaceable. I often tell people that my novel taught me how to write. Throughout high school and college, I tackled the story every summer to resurrect the prose from zombie-like passivity or wordiness.

I owe a lot to my own personal critiques and my university writing classes, but over the past year I have been encouraged and inspired by a new source. My writing group is dedicated and eternally enthusiastic. I find it amazing that three of us–our fourth is off getting a degree in publishing–were able to set a date and follow through. It’s because of these girls that I always encourage fellow creatives to find community. Several of my articles at StoryForge are dedicated to the topic, if you care to read more on that subject. In all, thanks for following me through this journey! I hope that it encourages you as much as my writing friends encourage me.

I’d love to hear from you: Have you set goals for yourself? What helps you follow through? 


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