Boredom is Surprisingly Useful…


There’s no denying it. We are dorks 😉

I went on vacation last week to the Sierras. It was a long week of everything and nothing. I ate good food, took hikes, smelled wildflowers, and watched a hottie fisherman (my husband) catch huge rainbow trout. We played games, watched squirrels, and spent a few hours in a local sports bar to watch the world cup final. We then mourned for Argentina.

I can’t stand boredom–those hours of feeling like I could be more useful elsewhere–but it sure did work out well for me. When removed from computers, new home organization, and social obligations (all of which I missed quite sorely) I accomplished a surprising amount on the writing front:

  1. image-2Edited a friend’s 85k novel
  2. Edited another friend’s 27k excerpt
  3. Wrote 3 StoryForge articles
  4. Outlined a non-fiction book
  5. Drafted a character building exercise for organic growth
  6. Formed a 2nd novel concept
  7. Whenever I had internet, I emailed editors and arranged assignments via phone.

I know that accomplishments aren’t at all what vacations are about, but apparently I’ve forgotten how to relax! Next year maybe I’ll just to sit back and watch the flowers grow. But then again, maybe I’ll just outline novel 3 and write a ton more.

How do you relax? Or are you crazy like me?


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