Writer. Wife… Mother.


Back when I was just starting to show. I should probably take another picture, huh?

After neglecting the blog for about three months, I should let you know why. I prefer to use the blog as a place to hash out writing analysis and tips, but since I will be MIA for a while, I might as well explain.

My novel is my baby–it’s practically an adolescent by now, if I’m honest with myself–but it’s being superseded by a real baby. I’m due in a little over a month and life is undergoing many transitions. The nursery is coming along well, with fresh paint and some new furniture. I’ve got four crafty projects going for the nursery (Bunting, mobile, flannel blanket, crocheted blanket…a little overboard maybe?) and I’m reading far too much about labor, postpartum, nursing, etc. In the midst of everything, writing in general has been sidelined. It’s nesting time! Whee!

Though this is a crazy stage that is pulling me away from my writing, it’s just one stage of many. When Mr. Yoon and I have adjusted to life with Little Boy Yoon, I plan to dive even further into freelance work and the novel’s second draft. So until I return, enjoy writing!