Starting Fresh


The weekend is coming, which means more Appa-Eigi walks in the park!

Friday afternoon, with a mocha, Disney music, and a sleeping baby. I rest. I work. With my MS 2nd draft handed out to my writing group, I’m detoxing, scrubbing it out of my skin and, well, planning a new novel.

It has been years (and years) since I started a new novel, but my characters are already rounding out and demanding that I fall in love with them. First I brainstormed on any/every scrap of paper. Characters, images, dialogue, themes, etc. Good or bad, I wrote it down. Then I organized notes into character profiles and plot points. This stage will take me a while, because (unlike last time) I want to make sure that I’m ready to start. The key differences between this start and my last start are age and experience. I was in high school when I started Bloodstone (working title), and I didn’t know how to write a novel or even a fully functional scene. I made lots of mistakes and researched endlessly. Thankfully, I’m stubborn enough to learn and improve.

So here I am, with two novels in progress, and it’s immensely refreshing. I can’t wait until I can share them with you.

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