POW! Time for the Macro Edit

DSC07621The baby will wake up any minute, so I’ll make this quick and messy.

I wasn’t able to edit this summer. I had goals, I had plans, but none of them really panned out. That’s life. I simply need to adjust my expectations and move on. To look on the bright side, this gives me a fresh start. I got stuck last time in chapter 7. I had to rewrite most of the chapter, yet for some reason I was far too attached to the old material to let it go entirely. I tried to blend the two. It was like making a sandwich with one piece of moldy bread and one piece of fresh bread. It was terrible and I knew it.

I’m tucking away my old mentality and using these three pointers to keep me focused:

  1. This draft is a MACRO (yes, in all caps) run through. I need to whiz through and arrange chapters, POVs, timelines, and plot lines without getting bogged down in prose or even blocking and dialogue.
  2. Scrap what needs to be scrapped. If I hold onto moldy material, I’m just making my job much much harder than it needs to be. When I scrap stuff, I put it in a separate document just in case I’ll need it again, but, really, I never do. Someday I’ll put it to rest for good and toss it in the rubbish bin.
  3. POW! AKA screw subtlety. This draft is about impact. If a scene doesn’t offer emotional depth, I need to ask myself why. I can’t be subtle if I don’t have enough material to use in the first place. I might as well go big now so I can pare it back later.

Summer was stressful–this introvert had very little physical, emotional, and mental space to work with. So now that I have my space back, I am excited to start again! (And seriously, I finished this post just in time. My Little is just now waking up. Time to play with the ickle dude.)

How are you doing with your novel? Any edits driving you crazy? Spill. I’d love to hear about it.