Friday Reflections: Enjoying Spring, Building a Future


Since my rose bushes are blooming, I’m quite ready to follow Lindsay’s advice! I clipped one of my pretty yellow and orange roses to brighten my reading corner.

Spring has come and flowers are blooming, so here’s a happy reminder to take it easy this weekend! Hard work is necessary for a successful career, but so is balancing yourself with mindful downtime, methodical progress and preparation for the future:

 “11 Small, easy ways to be more mindful this spring” – A refreshing reminder from the Freelancers Union’s Lindsay Van Theon on the first day of spring!

“How to Stay Focused When You Get Bored Working Toward Your Goals” – According to James Clear, being mindful for a few moments isn’t enough; “But if you look at the people who are consistently achieving their goals, you start to realize that it’s not the events or the results that make them different. It’s their commitment to the process. They fall in love with the daily practice, not the individual event.”

“It’s Okay To Prepare For Your Dreams” – Though risking the path less traveled is a popular move, Sean Chalmers validates conservative career choices in his article for Under30CEO. Take your time, grow at your own pace and maybe smell some roses along the way.

The Business of Art: Staying in Love with your Craft

Sometimes I critique books as I read. Though some prose surprises me with its artistry and rhetoric, other styles snag. My mind has been trained to edit and critique, so nit-picking has become involuntary and even burdensome. When I pick the book up again, I rebel against my education and force my brain to shut down. The gears slow; I can finally enjoy the story.

I’m not the only one with this problem, I know. Recently a friend’s child announced that she wanted to be a chocolate taster when she grew up. One wise adult quickly discouraged her… Read More at StoryForge Productions…

The Freelancer’s Polar Bear Club: Diving in Headfirst


Ripped mercilessly off their shelves, books congregate by color. Homesickness sets in as they wait for their turn with the  camera.

Last week when the hubby came home from work, a mess of books sprawled across the dining table. He asked; I explained:

When I quit my semi-traditional salaried job last month, I decided to dive headfirst into freelancing. I bought a domain. I shot pictures for the website’s headers–discovering that that green books have too many tones to match well, but blue and red are nicely uniform. Superfluities aside, Continue reading

SLY and Freelancing

As you have probably noticed, many of my posts have mentioned StoryForge recently, so maybe it’s time to update you on my career direction!


I thought that you might want a face to go with the name 😉 My husband and I in Michigan last October. The face he is making—that’s from the cold, haha

Several weeks ago I quit my teaching job. It was a difficult but quick decision; I love the people that I worked with, but I wanted to focus more on my freelancing. I’m still writing interior decor articles (and loving it), and recently I started working with marking proposals, copyediting, and graphic design for another company. While they stretch me Continue reading


I had the good fortune to interview Kelly Thompson, author of The Girl Who Would Be King and Storykiller. She gives some great advice to aspiring novelists and shares the ups and downs of her journey! 

An Interview with Novelist Kelly Thompson, Part 1


The third installation of my freelancing article series on StoryForge! If you’re starting to dabble in freelancing, check out parts One, Two, and Three.

Query it Up: How Freelancing Will Improve Your Writing Career – Part 3

Getting magazines with my own articles inside never gets old!

Not to brag or anything—It’s just a nice confidence boost 🙂

I just got the Feb 2014 Romantic Homes in the mail. It’s like getting Christmas presents throughout the year. The magazines surprise me by just appearing on my doorstep a few months after I’ve written the articles.

Yet another reason to start building your writing career through freelance writing 😉


Here’s my latest article for StoryForge! (Connect with them on Facebook for updates on articles, inspiration, and their fantastic webcomic.)

Over the past year and a half, I have written articles for a group of interior decor magazines and picked up other gigs along the way. And I love it, partially because am paid to write, and partially because I learn so much in the process!

What has your freelance experience been like?

How Freelancing will Improve you Writing Career