When a college sophomore comes home to discover that death is stalking her, she wrangles some bureaucratic fairies and the mailman into helping her get a spiritual restraining order.


2/22/18: I finished draft 2 during NaNoWriMo 2017 and now I’m waist deep in draft 3. This book is showing me some really horrible flaws in my writing, but it’s also giving me the chance to fix them. Though the learning process is exhausting, it’s always wonderful to implement solutions and see scenes work the way that they ought to.

5/5/17: The difference between draft 1 and 2 is stark. My first pass at the novel was exploratory; my rewrite has direction and drive. I’m encouraged by a successfully rewritten act I, but now I need to pull my brain together for act II.

12/1/16: I won NaNoWriMo! I wrote 50,000 words in 17 days instead of 30. I also learned that I can write 4 hours every day if I push myself…and ignore all sorts of other responsibilities. As I move into December, I plan to finish my draft at 90k and learn how to balance my writing schedule.

10/28/16: I amped up my outlining skills this month and I’m ready to rock NaNoWriMo. My outline is currently 28 pages, and that’s with an underdeveloped act III. Cinching the plot too tightly would just tie my characters down; they need enough space to make their own decisions.

10/13/16: I overhauled my outline this month and it is pretty awesome. I just need to nail down the climax of the story; the best confrontation/solution currently eluding me, but I’ll find it! I’m ready for you, NaNoWriMo!

nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_participant-1509/17/16: My characters are deepening as I discover new ways to make their lives a living hell (please keep in mind that Death is a MC). In other news, Garden Nomads seriously needs a title change as well. My writing group keeps thinking that I’m writing about gnomes!

7/5/16: My research summer is going well. I read Being Mortal, which I’d recommend for anyone researching for older characters: see my goodreads review hereDead Girl Swimming is making me process characters in a way that will really impact draft one of Garden Nomads.

5/5/16: I have a 15 page outline drafted and I plan to use my summer to research mythological and cultural details. I want to make sure that each story thread is thoroughly considered before I dive into draft one. NaNoWriMo ’16 here I come!



After high schooler Ana Mesuline is abducted by an oceanic mystery, ex-bodyguard Leander Ash must save her or drown in his past—but Ana has a plan of her own.

  • Urban Fantasy YA/NA
  • Draft 2 complete
  • Project shelved

I spent years developing Dead Girl Swimming, but it has all the flaws of a first novel. That is why I love it and that is why I’ve set it aside. Sometimes the best choice is to let go. I hope to pick it up again someday, give it a good hug, and rip its spine out for reconstructive surgery.


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