::: Fiction

IMPRINT, at Every Day Fiction

Keep an eye out for news of picture books, flash fiction, and novels!

::: Editing Services


I’ve had the privilege of editing business, academic, and creative works. Contact me for rates and services. I’d love to chat and discover what I can help you with.

“You mentioned that you wouldn’t let small details slip through the cracks and, based on what you sent back to me, I can tell that rings true…Doing this is going to help me realize what I’m good at and what I need help with.” – YA Horror Writer

“I gave Sarah my clunky first novel, and she took a chisel to it like no one else could…In working with her I found her to be professional, detail oriented, and encouraging, but without ever pulling any punches.” – Brian J. Walton, author of Recursion Part One: Interlopers

“Sarah has an excellent understanding of beautiful storytelling and precise writing. As an editor she pulls out and emphasizes the gems in a work and gives the writer tools to identify and improve weaker areas. Her insight is invaluable.” – YA Romance Writer

::: Magazine FeaturesFMD-2015-Spr-5-1-1[1]

I’ve written over 70 (and counting) interior decor and lifestyle features for Engaged Media. 2012-current.

“You have a great way of making articles substantively informative with style. Makes my job easier.” – Jolene Nolte, Engaged Media Editor

::: StoryForge Productions

Cover-Page-FINAL2As lead writer in 2013-14, and editor-in-chief in 2015, I managed StoryForge Production’s online content by collaborating with writers, editing for publication, and writing over 100 articles. Here’s a sampling:

Collaborating with artist Allison Oh and the StoryForge co-creators, Karyn Keene and Rachel Beck, I wrote FireStarters: Multi-Dsciplinary Inspiration for Writers. Learn how artists of all mediums catch their creativity and put it to use. When you embrace your personal style, you’ll produce more satisfying work and feel more equipped to explore the world of storytelling.

::: LinkedIn: See profile for more details


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