Beverage: Homemade Milk Tea

Music: Yo-yo Ma’s Appassionato 

Document: Chapter Three in Progress

I’m settling down for some writing, but I’ve got to figure out how to save a drowning character. Especially since she doesn’t want to be saved. My husband said that I should just let her pass out and then drag her to shore for CPR. 

What do you think?

Discipline: Essential and Elusive (Part 2)

Soooo… I wrote last week! I plunked myself down and forced myself to have “butt in chair” writing time. None of my usual flitting about organize this or clean that (I can’t stand having a messy house).

It was great! I skimmed through the first chapter again, because I’m planning on sending it off with a grad school application. And then I moved on to the second chapter, which is closer than ever to being finished. I’ll sum it up this week, and then start on number three. 

Tea of the week: Milk tea. Infused with either rose, or star anise. I just learned how to make it, and it’s amazing. (So wonderfully amazingly amazing. And easy to make.)

How’s your writing coming? Anything exciting?