The Pre-Writing Process: A Day in the Life of a Freelancer

DSC00716It’s amazing how much work goes on even before the pen hits the page. This morning I spent an hour scheduling interviews and communicating with various collaborators. Then came the interview prep and research. Then the actual interviews. Two today: one with a designer and one with a composer. After that, I’ll transcribe both and then locate which quotes to pull or information to use.

Once all of that is done, then I get to write. So now at 4 in the afternoon I’m finally settling down–not to write yet, but to organize outlines and update action lists.

Writing takes a lot of information gathering. Sometimes what’s inside your head is sufficient, and that’s fantastic. You’ll get through the process much more quickly that way. But as your writing projects get more complex, so does the information gathering side of things.

But that’s the fun of it, right? When we research, we get to learn about all aspects of life and interact with so many different personalities. Even though we don’t always travel far, our understanding of the world broadens with each story, each article, and each book.

If you want to engage more complex projects, I’d advise that you read through StoryForge’s articles on collaboration and networking. You can also find a few pointers on research here

Big-Picture Work for the Detail Oriented

DSC00642I’ve avoided it for a long time. A long long long time. But this week I finally knuckled down, put in the hours, and tracked the timeline of my entire book.

The novel’s grunt-work really didn’t deserve such epic procrastination, but somehow I kept pushing the novel forward instead of stopping and figuring it all out. No damage done, thankfully, but now that I’m on the other side of the process, I wonder what all the fuss was all about.

For those of you who feel like 85,000 words is difficult to keep track of, find hope here Continue reading

Let Chaos Come–AKA–An Exciting New Adventure Awaits!

DSC00530Life is a rumble tumble experience. As I’ve recently discovered, happiness often comes with its own difficulty. And if you keep your eyes open, worry is followed by a spot of sunshine.

If you want to know anything about me, know that I love order. I organize for fun. I work best in a clean, tidy environment. And now, chaos has fallen.

Two weeks ago, a large pile of props filled my living room. I co-designed StoryForge’s table for Wyrd Con, and therefore collected, organized and stored the items in preparation for the con. Even though it was a pain for a while, the work and mess completely paid off. The StoryForge team had a fun, exhausting weekend at our beautiful vendor table.

DSC00571Even after the props cleared, my home’s state has shifted for the worse. Boxes are everywhere. Shelves are empty. Junk that I haven’t seen for years has resurfaced and demanded my attention. This sounds like complaining, right? Well, I suppose it is. A little. But this messy process is joyful, because my husband and I are moving into our new home. We will hopefully get keys tomorrow, so let the chaos come!

…before it seriously rains down, I’m going to distract myself with a pot of tea, hide away in the most orderly part of the house (which happens to be the kitchen, today) and write. I’ve got to finish the novel by July 1st!