Why I Love Editing

Sarah L. Yoon's High School Attempts at Editing

My high school attempts at editing – an incredibly messy training ground.

When I was ten, I discovered the joy of a well crafted sentence. I wrote a three paragraph narrative about a squirrel and its acorn–after raising my hand in class asking how to spell the word squirrel–and I can still feel the magic of storytelling.

Though I’ve always thought that event launched my love for writing, only recently have I realized that it also launched my love of editing. Writing is only the beginning of the process. It’s messy, raw and free. After everything is scribbled and typed, editing sweeps the scenes and the sentences into place.  The prose moves out of an awkward, gargling stage into mature, lyrical prose. While many people dread the editing process–it is scary sometimes, I’ll admit–the feeling of everything coming together is worth the work. 

What launched your love of art and all the hard work that comes with it?