Friday Reflections: Challenge Yourself to be the Best

DSC00489After spring break with the hubby, it’s been a little difficult getting back into the rhythm of life. And if you’re struggling with time or motivation, these are the perfect articles for you:

When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Emulate Famous Creative Routines” – Whitson Gordon writes from LifeHacker, reminding us of the pros and cons of those famous routines that we–or may be just I?–obsess over. It’s a comfort to remember that I don’t need to copy some secret formula for success from other creatives; I can cultivate my own habits and schedules.

So you want to be a writer…” – From the Guardian, Philip Hensher, Jeanette Winterson, Rachel Cusk, Michael Cunningham, etc. share their teaching process and their advice about creative writing. They set high standards and accept no excuses. The tone of each challenge makes me want to learn, grow, and never stop pushing toward excellence.

This article is long, and So. Damn. Perfect. I’m not even going to bother finding a third. Dive in and enjoy!