“You Might be a Photographer If…”


By StoryForge Productions!


The people I work with are seriously really cool—if you’re working on a story that involves mythology, listen and be inspired by the weird imaginations of the Norse!

More mythology is coming soon 🙂 Visit StoryForge to see articles (A new article on Book Clubs: Picking Your Own Adventure) and videos like this!

StoryForge Productions: Our 2014 Rocket to the Moon


In this video, StoryForge introduces many of the new projects that are coming out this year! Please watch, and keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for updates!

As you can probably tell, the people working on StoryForge are passionate about their craft and excited to help you actualize your dreams. And yes, I am in this video. I haven’t done much filming before, so it’s always an interesting experience. And fun, because the StoryForge peoples are always fun.